Syfur-Last Drop (CDQ)

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Tyler The Creator-French

one of the most creative yet kind of frightening videos i have seen lately…


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Kellykoto-“Love The Way You Lie” X “Airplanes” (Medley)

Nice little mashup of two very popular joints out right now. The two songs fit together much better than I thought they would. Check it out. Don’t sleep. Enjoy.

-The one and only Syfur

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Dania Ramirez 2010 Maxim Covershoot

As we all know, the newest episode of Entourage premiered last night, complete with a somewhat awkward Adrian Peterson cameo, an almost fight between E and Scotty, and another appearance from what appears to be Turtle’s next grade A conquest. I mean, E’s got Sloan (not in real life), Vince has every other woman, but if Turtle ends up smashing Alex (Dania Ramirez), his track record will definitely be up there. Anyway, today I’ve decided to switch it up and give a closer look at a different (but still exremely fine) Entourage hottie. Here’s Dania Ramirez shooting for her spread in Maxim. Enjoy.

-The one and only Syfur

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Drake-Do It All (Prod. Rob Holladay)

Does this man ever stop!? I appreciate Aubrey’s work ethic alot but I fear that if he doesn’t take a break, we may see a Kanye type of breakdown, not to mention the fact that he’s starting to have that Beyonce effect on me. Don’t get me wrong, the song is hot (I’m going to look up this Rob Holladay fella right after I post this), but I’ve heard so much Drake in such a short amount of time, I’m starting to become numb to his music. But enough about me. Word on the net is that this joint will appear on his upcoming mixtape No More Thank Yous (clever). Enjoy.

Drake-Do It All

-The one and only Syfur

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Drake x Tim Westwood SPOOF

Affion Crockett delivers once again. This dude is hilarious. Don’t sleep and enjoy.

Just in case you missed the original, you’re welcome.

-The one and only Syfur

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It’s starting people…are you ready?

-The one and only Syfur

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